MARKET FIX 11/07/2022

The USD Index despite being in a strong bullish trend is fast approaching upper…

MARKET FIX 04/07/2022

USDZAR Bull Flag Confirmed Last week saw the bull flag we discussed confirmed with our bullish target reached. At this stage the trend remains bullish but it is worth noting that the July Monthly Pivot @ 15.97 remains untested. However, this means a pullback could present a buying opportunity with a new target @ 16.96 […]

MARKET FIX 20/06/2022

USDZAR Still Bullish USDZAR remains bullish following a slight pullback to the Monthly Pivot last week. We are looking for a break above the Monthly R1 @ 16.15 to target a new hogh @ 16.44. Support for the week will be the Monthly Pivot @ 15.75 GBPUSD Failed Inverted HnS Following the failed inverted HnS […]

MARKET FIX 13/06/2022

USDZAR Going As Expected USDZAR is playing out exactly as we expected with the yearly pivot being tested last week and immediately rallying back above the monthly pivot as buyers stepped in to buy from this major level of support. We can probably expect more upside judging from the previous rally in April and a […]

MARKET FIX 06/06/2022

USDZAR Heading Into Major Support The interim trend is still trading below the Daily 21 EMA and hence still firmly bearish. However, we are approaching major support from the convergence of the yearly pivot and Daily 100 and 200 SMA’s @ 12.25. The probability remains in favor of support holding. Bullish target for the week […]

MARKET FIX 30/05/2022

USDZAR Approaching Major Support Although the overall trend is still bullish the interim trend has now turned bearish as price is trading below the Dialy 21 EMA. This suggests that we will likely see major support being tested this week between 15.20 and 15.35. Probability is in favor of this support holding. Bullish target for […]

MARKET FIX 23/05/2022

USDZAR Expecting Support To Hold I am still expectant of a bullish target @ 16.40 with the correction to the Daily 21 EMA now completed as mentioned last week. If support does fail here, strong support can be found @ 15.33 GBPUSD Reversal Pending Breakout Last week we mentioned that we were expecting a correction […]

MARKET FIX 09/05/2022

USDZAR Monthly Pivot Tested With the Monthly Pivot @ 15.50 now tested we are looking for more continuation. The bullish target @ 16.40 remains the near-term goal with a small pullback to test the Weekly Pivot @ 15.84 also possible. GBPUSD Major Diagonal Support The GBPUSD has seen a significant sell-off with price currently trading […]